Dearborn Public Schools weighing three options for students come school time

Dearborn Public Schools has announced a variety of options for students to return to school in the fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three different recommendations have been released that were researched over the summer by a team of more than 80 administrators, teachers, parents, students and business leaders.

"We would start the year 100 percent online with learning labs available for students to come in and schedule time so they can get that extra support that they need," said David Mustonen, the communications director for the district. 

That's option one and would be in place until at least October 1, depending on what happens with the virus.

Option two calls for kindergarten through fifth grade being blended with both in-class and online instruction, while grades 6-12 would attend totally online. Option three is a blended option for all students K-12, in-class and online.

A study session is scheduled for August 6 to review all of these options and the district is asking the community to go to their website and ask their questions and weigh in. The board will actually be voting on August 10.

There is also another option for parents to opt into the new K-12 virtual school for the entire school year.

"If there are parents out there saying, 'I don't care what you're doing, I don't care if it's blended, I don't are if it's here or there, my kid is not going to be in school this year,' we have an option for them as well," Mustonen said.

It might be an option for Aiden Morandini, a fourth grader who's not ready to be back in the classroom.

"I miss my friends but yet I don't want to go back to school. I don't want to wear a mask for seven hours," he said. 

His mother is still undecided herself and has a lot of questions.

"To know what they have in place for the teachers, testing the teachers and keeping the kids safe, and the air ventilation systems and the cleaning, so we'll be able to make a better decision next week after he releases the plan," she said. "There's definitely no easy answer. I think a lot of parents are feeling stressed, overwhelmed. It's a big decision."

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