Dearborn-Woodhaven basketball game descends into chaos as brawl breaks out

Cell phone video from a highschool basketball game in Dearborn showed the moment tempers reached a boiling point and punches were thrown.

A brawl that broke out between Edsel Ford and Woodhaven High School basketball teams on Thursday night needed law enforcement to de-escalate things before the situation calmed down.

At least two videos from people who were in the bleachers showed punches being thrown as both players and spectators fled onto the court. 

The principal of Edsel Ford says Dearborn police are looking into whether disorderly conduct or assault charges are necessary. 

In a statement to parents Friday, Principal Rima Hassan said a "scuffle that occurred on the court towards the end of the game. Events got heated really quickly and an altercation occurred. Our staff did an excellent job following our safety protocols while trying to make sure there were no injuries."

While spectators from the visiting team ran onto the court, Edsel Ford staff kept them from engaging, Hassan's letter said.

"We understand that sometimes individuals get heated and this can lead to physical altercations. We ask you to speak to your children about what to do if situations like this arise. Our staff is always concerned for the safety and well being of our students and we pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for your children when they are here at school," the statement included.

Hassan also poured cold water on allegations that a weapon was at the game after a fan from Woodhaven made a comment about a "gun." The statement has not been confirmed and no weapon of any kind has been found.