Deer with Halloween plastic bucket stuck on its face freed by South Lyon rescue group

An animal rescue group came to the aid of a deer with a Halloween bucket on its head Friday.

The South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery group came to the aid of a deer it had nicknamed, Bucky, which had been seen for days in and around a Bloomfield Hill neighborhood with the plastic bucket stuck on its face.

After hours of attempting a rescue, the heroes used a drop net to trap Bucky and then they cut the pumpkin bucket apart. Video shows the deer run back into the woods as the plastic pumpkin was removed.

"We wanted to share with you, Buckys prison. This would’ve never came off. The plastic ties were so tight and big on the inside of the bucket that there was no way he would’ve gotten it off," said the post on the South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery Facebook page. "There was also a large amount of snot inside the bucket with zero breathing holes as you can see from the picture below. He did try to smash it off at one point as the back of it was cracked but it was not budging . Amber and her neighbors were 100% correct on trying to get help for this poor deer.

"Had it not been for her persistence, we would’ve not have known and Bucky would have died. Thank you Amber and community!!!"

The group also praised Chris from Bloomfield Hills Animal Control, Amber and Scott and the help of Rick and Kim Canales.

For the past few days this week, the group was working to free the deer, it said in its post.

"Thank you to Amber and Scott. They were the homeowners who tolerated our shenanigans for the last couple days. We appreciate you more than you know. Thank you to the community to the animal control officer, Chris, and to everybody who cared and worried about this little fella. Bucky has no idea how loved he is from afar."

The group relies solely on donations. If you would like to help, donate using PayPal at and Venmo here: @heather-ineich code 2510

To learn more about all the work the group does, find it on Facebook HERE.