Democratic ballot shortages reported in Redford Twp

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Three precincts in Redford Township ran out of Democratic ballots at polling stations for Tuesday's Michigan Primary.

Voters had to wait a long time before they could cast their vote as the high voter turnout led to a shortage of ballots. Poll workers had to leave and pick up more of them from the Wayne County Clerk's office.

A line of more than a hundred voters was brought to a standstill at Precinct 25 Vandenburg Elementary School in Redford Township.

"When I came in here after waiting for an hour, they told me they were out of Democratic ballots," said Brian Waters.

And it just wasn't here. Poll workers at Precinct 21 at John Pierce Middle School ran low on ballots and Precinct 17 at Christ Church ran out by 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"I'm shocked I never head of that before," said Denae Harper.

This left voters like Harper with three choices vote for one of the Republican candidates, go home or wait.

"We've worked today and we just want come in do our duty, vote and go home and go about our business," said Lezette Morgan. "We can't do that and that’s a problem."         

Linda Rundal from Precinct 17 at Christ Church says they started off with about 400 Republican and Democratic primary ballots.

FOX 2: "Have you ever experienced anything like this before?"

"Never," said Rundal.

Clearly not enough for the amount of voters that actually showed up.

"We've been encouraging county and local clerks to beef up their order due to the high interest that we were expecting this cycle," said Fred Woodhams, spokesman, Secretary of State. 

"Even if the voter turnout wasn't good they should be prepared," said Ray Lask.

"If anything you're supposed to have too many ballots at the polls and some left over, then not have enough," said Donniel Thomas.
The Wayne County Clerk's office said the formula for printing ballots is based on the numbers from the 2012 Presidential Primary plus a little bit extra. 

Back then the turnout in Wayne County was 18 percent but here in Redford Township, by 6:30 p.m. the turnout was 20 percent not including absentee ballots.