Dermatologist warns at-home skincare procedures can be tempting, but risky during quarantine

You may be tempted to take skincare into your own hands during the quarantine - but be aware that a metro Detroit dermatologist says it's risky. 

"People are cutting their own hair and messing it up. Well people also searching the internet for things that ordinarily would've been done in a dermatologist's office and then they're doing them at home," says Dr. Steve Grekin. He understands, though, why everyone's tempted to do a home facial. Afterall, all we have is time. 

Doctors will tell you, in some cases, some at-home treatments are safe but you have to know the chemicals you're dealing with and the concentration of those chemicals. So it can get complicated. 

Another concern is aggressive acne treatments. 

"Kids with acne, they're trying a lot of blackhead-removing strips and things like that. I saw two patients last week in the telehealth visit where the skin had come off," Dr. Grekin says. 

When it comes to treating skin issues, he says don't change your routine. Stick with what you were doing before the pandemic.

Now, if you just want to slough off some dry skin, go to your kitchen and grab the baking soda. 

"Put it in with your cleanser and instead of doing it maybe once a week, do it every day. Really get that dead skin off," he says. 

Lemon juice might help lighten dark spots. 

"Take lemon juice that's at home, if you have fresh ones it's even better. You can rub it on little brown spots and you can walk around with it on all day."

And after your shower, before you dry off, moisturize. 

"Sit there in the warm steam of the shower, put that moisturizer on and let yourself air dry. Let it really seal itself in."

And one more idea, before we get to flip flop season,  salt can make for a good base to a scrub to fix those feet.