Designer loses everything in house fire while out of town for work

Kenneth Daniels was in Las Vegas working. He’s a designer and had just dressed a client for a Fourth of July party. After midnight on the 5th he got a call that there’s a fire next to his home and it’s spreading.

"My neighbor was like, 'Ken your house is on fire,'" he said. "I was like my house is on fire? (she said) 'It’s burned down' and I fainted."

The garage next to Daniels' home is a pile of charred debris. Inside his West Bloomfield unit, the situation isn’t much better.

"It is totally ruined up there, all my equipment, my product, all of my materials, it is all gone," he said.

Among his many big-name clients he has designed for, includes Vivica A Fox. He has a wedding to work on right around the corner.

"I’m doing the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo," he said. "I haven’t told the bride or groom what happened to me," he said.

Daniels says his most expensive piece destroyed by fire is about $4,000.

"Everything was in the house due to the pandemic," he said. "I had to downgrade and became a one-man show brought everything to my home."

"I am asking that the community see my tragic and help me start over, it’s heartbreaking," he said.

FOX 2 spoke with the West Bloomfield Fire Department, they are still investigating the cause of the fire and one possibility they’re looking into is disposed fireworks.

If you would like to help Daniels, go HERE to his GoFundMe page.