Detention center releases felony suspect by mistake

He was behind bars for violating a restraining order but then he was mistakenly released.

The man was found days later at the home of the very woman he was forbidden to see.

Robert Baker III is now back behind bars, after a big mistake earlier this week at the Detroit Detention Center.

Over the weekend, Wayne State University police arrested Baker for a restraining order violation. Police say they got a 911 call last Saturday night that Baker was at his ex-girlfriend's apartment, knocking on her door and threatening her.

Officers arrived in time and took him into custody. That was when the Detroit police got involved.

"One of the detectives from the Third Precinct recognized this individual's name who has had a past of violations," said Deputy Chief David LeValley. "So that detective prepared a warrant package and got a warrant issued by the prosecutor's office for aggravated stalking."

But, the detention center was never notified about the new charges, Baker went to court on the personal protection order violation, and released on bond.

"When a detective or anyone is going to pursue additional charges or new charges, there should be a notification to the detention center to let them know that," LeValley said. "Otherwise, they process the detainee under whatever path they're so supposed to go down whether it's traffic, warrant violations or a new charge.

"In this case,  the detention center was never notified that somebody in the department was seeking a new warrant for the person."

Detroit police spotted several possible locations for Baker, but fortunately he did the right thing and turned himself in.

It is a situation that could have been a lot worse.

"It could have been," LeValley said. "It's fortunate that he turned himself in and that not a lot of time had passed, and also that nothing negative occurred between him and the victim in this case while we were looking for him."

The deputy chief says he doesn't see any disciplinary action coming out of this, but definitely some additional training and making sure protocol is followed at all times.