Detroit Animal Control waives adoption fees, amid overcrowding struggle

"Meghan Barkle" is all dressed up in her adopt me bandana - she's one of the many dogs in desperate need of a home.

Detroit Animal Care and Control is seriously overcrowded with roughly double the number of dogs they have room for. About 160 pups are there waiting for forever families.

"Anywhere from 10 to 20 animals are potentially coming in a day," said Mark Kumpf. "And that means we need to place that many animals back into homes - with new adoptions or with our transfer partners."

Kumpf is the director at Detroit Animal Care and Control. He says since July 1st, DACC has returned 22 dogs to their owners, 55 were adopted to new homes, 65 went to rescue partners.

But sadly 45 animals have been euthanized - most for health and behavioral issues - but 11 dogs were put down because the shelter is simply out of space.

"We need pets to go home - whether that's back to their home - to a new home - or to one of our transfer partners we're looking for everyone to step up during this time to help us out," he said.

And for the rest of this month - thanks to the Bissell Pet Foundation's Empty the Shelters event, all adoption and licensing fees are being waived - there's even amnesty for people whose dogs got out and ended up there.

"We're getting people's pets - one thing folks don't realize is that this isn't a situation where we have a shelter full of dangerous feral animals," Kumpf said. "These are people's pets that they haven't reclaimed and we'd really like to stress to Detroiters - if you're missing your pet - please come to the shelter and reclaim it.

"No fees no fines no tickets - your pet will go home vaccinated with a license."

And they will get a microchip ID for free, encouraging those looking to add a loving pet to their family - to come and find a new furever friend. One like Bonfire - who is being adopted.

"This is Bonfire - she's a German shepherd mix - she's very sweet and energetic and playful and we can't wait to bring her home," said Shelby Pike. "It was just love at first sight."

"I'm just excited to take her home," said Jake Huffman.

Hopefully many many more dog lovers - will do the same thing - as soon as possible. Detroit Animal Care and Control is open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

For more on the Empty the Shelter summer adoption event, go to the Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control Facebook page HERE.