Detroit City Council election race nears finish line with 4 open seats to fill

There are four open Detroit City Council seats up for grabs in next week's Election Day - but political analyst Adolph Mongo says he can't understand why the races aren't more interesting.

"This is the quietest race in the world."

"Oh man, in my day that would be like a buffet," he said.

Incumbents Scott Benson and Mary Sheffield face no opposition while two others, James Tate and Roy McCalister, are considered safe according to Mongo, in their races.

Tate is running against Krystal Larsosa in District 1 and McCallister is running against Angela Whitfield Calloway in District 2.  

So let's move to District 4 - the northeast side of Detroit where things are undecided.

"That's going to be a tough race I look at that as a tossup," Mongo said.

Community leader Latisha Johnson bettered former journalist, M. L. Elrick in the primary but both candidates are working hard.

"A lot of people don't like him because of his past career as an investigative reporter," Mongo said.

FOX 2: "With our station."

"Yes, and with the Detroit Free Press," Mongo said.

Moving to District 6 which is Southwest Detroit. Greening of Detroit manager, Hector Santiago will face Community Activist, Gabriela Santiago-Romero.

That is the section where the new Gordie Howe Bridge was going to create jobs - but maybe not.  

"Business is going out of business, it's been a real negative impact on the businesses in that area," he said.

And District 7 in Northwest Detroit will see a new member of the council.  Former state representative Fred Durhal will face Detroit Public School teacher, Regina Ross.  

"The younger Durhall has been a good official in Lansing. He knows the issues," Mongo said.

And finally, four candidates have to run citywide for two at-large seats on Council.  

Former state senator Coleman Young, former state representative Mary Waters, and former Detroit charter commission member, Nicole Small, and Incumbent Janee Ayers, who was recently investigated by the FBI.

"We're going with the 'devil that we know,' Janee Ayers," Mongo predicted. "She's been a good councilwoman. So I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. There might be nothing to this investigation."

Adolph Mongo predicts Coleman Young will be the other at-large council member.  

No matter what, there will be at least four new members of council. The general election is Tuesday, November 2.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story mistakenly listed District 4 as District 3. This has been corrected.