Detroit coney island robbed at gunpoint by 'friendly' suspect

A Detroit Coney Island was the target of violence early Tuesday morning when suspects held the restaurant up at gunpoint.

Adi's Coney Island is a neighborhood spot with very loyal customers on Michigan and Military on Detroit's west side.

Surveillance video shows around 3 a.m, a former employee propped the front door open with a chair before leaving, apparently saying it was too hot in the restaurant. Less than an hour later, two men wearing red and black hoodies rushed into the restaurant.

One man whipped out a gun as customers and employees froze in fear with their hands up.

"That's a scary situation getting robbed," said frequent customer Congo.

The man holding the gun yelled for the cashier to hand over money. The cashier tossed the bills on top of the register as the men grabbed the cash. The same ex-employee came back inside, yelling for the men to leave, but then she's seen walking behind the counter and wiping down the top of the register.

Employees immediately recognized the man in that black hoodie just two hours before.

Around 2 a.m., employees say the same man wearing a white T-shirt was seen ordering a coney dog, then chatting with a cook while playing video games. The owner says he stayed there for roughly 10 to 15 minutes, talking and acting friendly with customers and employees. The owner believes he was scoping the place out.

Thankfully no one was hurt.