Detroit cop indicted on murder charges

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A Detroit Police Officer has been suspended without pay on accusations he knew about a murder but did nothing to stop it and then lied to police.

Elijah Lately, 25, was indicted by a one-man grand jury Monday and suspended without pay. Lately, a 4-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, is accused of knowing Brandon Rice was going to be murdered back in April, yet did nothing to stop the murder then lied to police after the fact.

"The evidence is going to show that this police officer not only had knowledge of a murder that was going to take place but he actively undermined the investigation," Wayne County assistant prosecutor Robert Moran said in court Monday.

It's alleged on April 23rd, Dmarco Hoskins had Rice murdered on Elmhurst in Highland Park. The two had an ongoing argument and Hoskins had already been charged once with shooting Rice as well as his daughter, niece and brother.

Now, prosecutors say Hoskins wanted to silence him forever and had Rice was killed so he wouldn't testify against Hoskins.

They also say Lately knew it was going to happen.

"The evidence is going to show that he told the co-conspirators to lay low, not to have any contact with him, because they were hot," Moran said.

"The allegations are serious. Not only is it a threat to the community, it's a threat to the entire court system." Judge Timohty Kenny said.

The officer's family would not elaborate on how he may have known Hoskins or Rice they would only say that he should not be charged with a crime simply because of who he knows.

"This is a dilemma that every young black man faces grwing up int he city of Detroit. You cannot help who you, who knows you, or who you go to school with," Rev. Claude Allen May said.

Hoskins was denied bond, Lately's was set at $400,000.