Detroit Dog Rescue rushes to save pets left in the cold

With bone chilling cold settling over southeast Michigan, the men and women of the Detroit Dog Rescue and working to make sure no animals get left behind.

Every day, the rescue team spends their days scouring Detroit for animals that have been mistreated, left behind, or generally need their help. The arctic cold, however, is making it even more important that they save their lives.

"These are welfare checks they didn't call us and ask for our help so they might not want our help," DDR Program Director Dustin Banooni said.

Two Shepherd mexis were found tied up outside with below adequate shelter. The owner was hesistant to come out and says he's got straw and hay. 

It takes some convincing from Bbanooni and his partner, Bridget Maniere but the man agrees to bring them in for the night.

That was just the beginning. We rode along with DDR throughout the evening Wednesdasy as the windchills hit negative 40. 

Throughout our ride, we encountered reports of dogs outside a business with nothing but layers of cardboards. We didn't see anything - so hopefully they were never outside.

Check out more of our trip in the video above.