Detroit EMT partners both stricken with coronavirus

Rob Nemeth and his fiancé Liz Baese both have the coronavirus and so does their 5-year-old son. 
But it is effecting each of them quite differently. 

"Our son doesn't have any symptoms that is the amazing thing," said Baese. "I have the typical symptoms of coughing, shortness of breath."

As for Rob Nemeth -  "We never could have imagined that with him being young, 36 years old, that it would have hit him this hard," she said.

Nemeth is an EMT worker who 10 to 12 days ago was out on the street helping to save lives. Now he is the one in need of saving. 

He is unable to speak for himself due to the coronavirus after having gotten a tracheotomy. Nemeth is just now able to communicate again with his fiancé. 

"It was so great I was just shocked. I knew the last few days that he was improving," she said. "But it was just all of the sudden today and there he was."

He first noticed something was wrong before the coronavirus had taken hold in Michigan.

FOX 2: "The typical symptoms, coughing shortness of breath and a fever?" Nemeth nodded yes.

He was tested for the flu and sent home told to stay home. 

FOX 2: "Are you able to pinpoint how you got the virus?"

"No," he shook his head.

His partner on the job Paul Novicki, another EMT from metro Detroit, was also hospitalized with COVID-19. 

"He's in stable but critical condition right now," she said.

Both men have GoFundMe pages set up. They are unsure what the future will hold for them or their families.

 Nemeth hopes to be out of the hospital in a week or so, but much like the disease itself, he is full of uncertainty. 

He is just hopeful everyone who sees their message will understand what this virus is capable of.