Detroit fans honor slain rapper Nipsey Hussle with downtown vigil

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It was part vigil, part concert, and all love.

Hundreds crowded Cadillac Square in downtown Detroit to remember Nipsey Hussle, the rapper gunned down in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles Monday.

News of the killing stunned fans spanning from the west coast to Detroit, where the vigil was held Wednesday night. 

"I am at a loss for words," said fan Christopher Wesley. “He was a true inspiration to me and everyone here."

"His music touched everybody," said fan Jerry Jones.

"We're not from LA but we felt like we were family," said fan Phillip Thomas. "He was making path for us to try for better things and own your business."

Born Ermias Asghedom, Hussle's major label debut album, Victory Lap, earned a Grammy nod.

Known as much for his business acumen as his hard-hitting rhymes, Hussle invested heavily in his South Central LA neighborhood, spearheading redevelopment efforts, opening a co-working space for entrepreneurs and launching a STEM program for LA youth in hopes of building a bridge between the inner-city and Silicon Valley.

"He was giving people jobs," said Snap Dogg, a rapper and fan. "He was opening up shops, I've seen this man take a man on the street and give him a job."

Up and coming Detroit rapper Snap Dogg says Hussle provided a blueprint for success for artists both inside and outside of music.

"I see myself like Nipsey, I want to follow his same footsteps," Snap Dogg said. "I want to provide for my community, I want to let the kids know there is always a way and always go to school, not come to the streets. This is not what everybody wants. We don't want our kids growing up in this, we want to get up out of here."

"Not even black folks, everybody, we just got to do better," said Thomas. "The hate, the crime, all that stuff has to stop."

Nipsey Hussel is survived by his two children one of whom he shared with his longtime girlfriend Lauren London, they had a blended family. She took to Instagram on Tuesday and said she lost in Hussle her best friend, her sanctuary, her protector. 

Nispey Hussel was just 33 years old.