Detroit father alarmed over runaway twin daughters missing for three weeks

It's been three weeks since George Ogden last saw his twin 14-year-old daughters before they ran away. 

Both Anieca and Aniya Ogden are about five feet tall and were last seen on March 8 at their dad's house. Since they left, the search for them has made little progress. All the while, their dad has grown increasingly worried about their safety.

"If they're not home, they're not safe," he said. "In the world that we're living in today, it's very unsafe. It's dangerous and they're 14 years old and these kids, they don't understand dangers that are out here lurking for them."

It's not the first time the two had run away. They had visited their grandmother in River Rouge once before when they fled. Ogden was able to get them back home - but they took off again.

They had been home for only a day when he said he took them to school. They left the same night.

"I never would have pegged them to just leave like that," he said. "As a father that's trying to raise kids on his own, it's heartbreaking."

Detroit police have been involved from the beginning. They got a phone call about the twin girls running away on March 8. Since then, no friends or family or people in the community say they have seen them during the three-week period. 

The ninth graders attend Mumford High School and should be in class. But their disappearance is worrying their loved ones, who are wondering where they are and who they're with.

According to Detroit police, the two girls don't have their cell phones - so there's no way of tracking them. However, officers still believe they're in the area. They also have a couple of leads that investigators are following up on, thanks to the school counselor.

"If you have seen my kids, just please, tell them to come home," Ogden said. "Tell them what they're doing out here is not right. And be kids, be teenagers, as long as you can be. The world we're living in is too unsafe to be trying to grow up too fast."

Anyone with information about the twins' whereabouts are asked to give police a call.