Detroit fire captain shares tips for deep frying a turkey

According to AAA, more cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year.

That's why local firefighters are sharing some information you need to know to avoid a disaster.

"Over a thousand fires a year happen due to turkey frying," said Detroit Fire Capt. Chris Dixon - "and maybe five deaths a year."  

So if a fried turkey is on your holiday menu, Dixon has some tips. 

To start, never fry a frozen turkey.

"The frozen ice turns to water and will cause the oil to boil over," Dixon says. Instead, use a fresh one.

Experts say a smaller bird is best for frying and make sure you dry it completely. Also, make sure the guts which sometimes have a plastic covering are removed and anything else that may be a fire hazard.

"Sometimes the turkeys have a thermometer in here, a plastic thermometer. You want to take that out."

Season the turkey and make sure your pot it filled with the appropriate amount of oil. Then, head outdoors.

"Make sure you are on a level surface. I would avoid wooden decks," Dixon said. Never operate a propane tank inside or near your house.

Also, put on your protective gear, including long gloves.

Keep kids and pets away from the frying area and watch the bird fry, never leaving the area unattended. And make sure you have safety device on hand just in case things don’t go the way you planned.