Detroit firefighters and EMS technicians to get body armor

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Detroit first responders will soon be outfitted in body armor to keep them safe while they work to save lives.

Detroit firefighters run into some of the same dangers as Detroit police officers do every day, and that's why executive fire commissioner Eric Jones says more protection is needed.

"They're on the same runs," Jones said.  "They go to assist the public when there are critical injuries for wounds, so they face the same dangers as our brothers and sisters in blue from the Detroit police department."

Jones is pushing to have Detroit firefighters and EMTs wear protective gear or body armor when responding to calls. This comes in wake of seeing more officers shot or killed on the job.

"So the firefighters and EMT will wear it one of their runs, firefighters especially for medical runs they go on, to assist the police."

The fire commissioner says he learned on day one that firefighters and EMTs run into the same attacks frequently.

"When I was first appointed as the commissioner of the fire department, my very first night, two EMTs were slashed and stabbed by a convicted felon," he said.

Jones added there is $500,000 in secured funding to make this happen. The secured funding is coming from the fire department's budget - and the process has already started.

"There is going to be an (request for purchase) put out," Jones said. "We're going to look at several vendors, and we're going to make the best selection for our vendors."

There are other cities in the country that provide armor for their EMT and firefighters.

If all goes as planned, Jones hopes to have his members in protective gear in the next three months.