Detroit firefighters honored for saving young children in house fire

Detroit firefighters who have gone well above and beyond the call of duty and risked their lives were honored Tuesday for their heroic efforts in a special ceremony.

Detroit Firefighters Jamol West and Eric Jones II were among those honored for their actions almost three months ago. They were called to a burning house in Detroit and were met by a frantic mom who had already gotten out with four young children but there two more inside. 

"Everyone had adrenaline because we knew that it was kids inside," West said.

West and Jones ran into the flames and through thick, hot smoke, West was able to rescue one child while Jones found and rescued the second.

"They were just limp when we came across them and we dragged them out and got them to EMS, (who) took them to the hospital," Jones said.

Shortly after the rescue the children's mom appeared on Fox 2 to thank the fire fighters for saving her two boys.

That heroic act put these two fire fighters in the spotlight as they were honored along with other members of emergency crews called to the scene that night.

"Without the concerted efforts of all responding companies and medic units the children would not have survived," Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones said. 

The Detroit Fire Commissioner had the unique honoring his son, Eric Jones II, for the brave act.

These fire fighters say they're honored to be recognized but say the value in what they do has nothing to do with being recognized.

"I'm more happy that they're alive than anything this award is just a piece of paper to see them get to live another day is great," Jones said.

"Happy I was there a proud to be part of something to help someone be able to be alive," West said.