Detroit First responders honored for their bravery at Above and Beyond Awards

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They protect and serve every day, but some days are different than others. That's why some amazing first responders were honored Thursday night for their heroic acts.

It was a night to celebrate heroic deeds, honor those who did them and remember the fallen. The Detroit Public Safety Foundation held its Above and Beyond Ceremony at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.

Among those honored were officers Matthew Windquist and Tyler Simmons.

"It's always good to feel appreciated," said Officer Tyler Simmons, Medal of Valor recipient. "Sometimes people think being a police officer is, some people are negative about it but I never had any issues. always positive on the streets, here, everywhere."

Simmons and Windquist were both shot after responding to a burglary call at an abandoned house. The 19-year-old who pulled the trigger mistook the officers for burglars when they mistakenly went to his home searching for the culprit.

"It was just kind of a freak accident, so I'm just happy to be here, it's an honor to be here," said Windquist, Purple Heart recipient. "I would not have done anything different, I have no regrets on that night. I did everything I was supposed to do."

Five EMTs and 11 firefighters received medical merit awards and medals of valor Thursday night.

"There's going to be multiple awards for rescuing babies, delivering babies, delivering people out of burning homes without water," said Eric Jones, Detroit Fire Commissioner. "It's going to be pretty amazing and these guys are absolutely honorable. They love the city and they love what they do."

The same can be said for the 21 Detroit police officers who were honored including officers Peterson, Maxwell and Gardner, who responded to a call of a gunman barricaded in a house with children inside.

"He informed us that the perpetrator had thrown the baby out of the window," said Eric Maxwell, Medal of Valor recipient. "So at that point he caught the baby. And I saw the perp run out of the back of the house. At that point I was on foot, my partner ended up catching up with me on foot and we caught the suspect in the alley."

"It's not until you're lying in bed that night and it's like, 'Man, tonight was pretty crazy,'" said Officer Johnathan Gardner, Medal of Valor recipient. "But in the moment you're main thing is the safety of the children and getting this guy off the street."

"Today I spoke with the wife of a fireman and she said she really doesn't know every day if he's going to come home the same way he left the door, doesn't know if he's going to be injured or maybe killed," said Patti Kukula, Detroit Public Safety Foundation. "So she said she just wanted to let us know how important this was."


Firefighter Aaron Riccinto
Firefighter Steven Brummer
Firefighter Anthony Spitznagel
Sgt. Sivad Johnson
Firefighter Zoser Ahmad
Lt. James McCallum
Sgt. Francis Dombrowski
Sgt. Eric Fett
Fire Engine Operator Kevin Bradley
Senior Firefighter Douglas Naas
Firefighter Ryan Koehn
EMT Allisyn Moore
EMT Donald Measel


Paramedic James LaCroix
EMT James Basirico
Probationary Tech Steven Andary


Firefighter Kevin Ramsey, posthumously
Firefighter Keion Boone, posthumously


Police Officer Alexander Collrin
Police Officer Timothy Sumpter
Police Officer Brian Gibbins
Police Officer Brian Gladwell
Police Officer Steven Rauser
Police Officer Dean Muczynski
Police Officer Christopher Rabior
Police Officer Brent Suhr
Sgt. Rodney Ballinger
Police Officer John Beveridge
Deputy Chief Elvin Barren
Police Officer Erick Peterson
Police Officer Eric Maxwell
Police Officer Johnathon Gardner
Corporal Calvin Lewis
Police Officer Tyler Simmons
Police Officer Matthew Windquist
Police Officer Darren Weathers


Police Officer Waldis Johnson
Police Officer Benjamin Atkinson
Police Officer James Kisselburg


Cpl. Calvin Lewis
Police Officer Thomas Haverlock
Police Officer Angel Hernandez
Cpl. Henry Starks
Police Officer Joseph Anthony
Police Officer John Furmanski
Police Officer Steven Engebreston
Police Officer Jordan Grace
Sgt. Ryan Connor
Sgt. Manuel Guiterrez
Police Officer Mark Williams
Police Officer Tabith Sears
Police Officer Gary Steele
Police Officer Derrick King
Police Officer Mario Hernandez
Police Officer Robert Douglas
Police Officer Scott Povish
Police Officer Maxwell Dorflinger
Police Officer Troy Wesley
Police Officer Laura Montalto
Police Officer Amir Clemons
Police Officer Ronald Cadez
Police Officer NIcholas Reaume
Police Officer David Gibson
Sgt. Brent Rodak
Police Officer Steven Townsend
Police Officer Charles Ruffin
Police Officer Isam Qasam
Police Officer Douglas Richter
Police Officer Tony Goins
Police Officer Andrew Arnston
Sgt. Charles Spruce
Neighborhood Police Officer Douglas Nichols
Police Officer Linda Gilbert
Police Officer Kyle Whitten
Police Officer Katyln Goss
Police Officer Deandre Williams
Police Officer Steven Trombly
Police Officer Todd Hutchinson
Police Officer Jose Martinez
Police Officer Matthew Windquist
Police Officer Brandolyn Johnson
Police Officer Christopher Parsons
Police Officer Abigail Campbell
Sgt. John Boyle
Police Officer Kareem Wheeler
Police Officer Darnell Hall
Police Officer Elaine Williams
Police Officer Lawrence Smith


James "Jimmy" Settles Jr., UAW Ford Vice President


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John Zidar Corporate VP for Commercial Markets for North America