Detroit gas station clerk caught stealing on camera

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"No integrity. None. No integrity, no morals."

Michael Currie, the manager of the Sunoco gas station on 7 Mile and Braile on Detroits west side is disgusted watching the thief get away with thousands of dollars, because crook was the stations clerk.

"We didn't know. We took a chance on him and we lost."

The stations owner tells Fox 2 -- he hired the young man less than a month ago.  He says, since they're all treated like family, they were patient with him until he started taking advantage.

"He'd fall asleep, argue with customers – he’s just not really up to par. I think we were going to let him go anyway."

Before they could fire him, Sunday at the end of his afternoon shift -- surveillance video shows the crooked clerk pacing.

"He looked like he was busy, then we saw him grab the bag."

He snatched cash out of the register and casually walked out. He has not been since. However, they were thankful he locked the door behind him.

“If he'd left it open it would have really been bad. We would have had everybody come in taking everything."

The owner says he's spoken to at least two other gas station owners in the area. They say the same man has stolen from them as well.

"Be careful, because he's done it everywhere. Everywhere he's worked."

The gas station filed a report with Detroit Police and gave them his name and recent addresses. They say he may be tough to find because he's homeless.

“This guy here - he just decides to do what he wants, take what he wants, leaves when he wants."

Now these hard-working Detroiters are out thousands and hope someone recognizes the conniving clerk.
"Have a little honor in the things that he does and the way he treats people, because what goes around comes around all the time."