Detroit holds 35th Senior Olympics

Over the course of three days as many as 300 seniors wIll take part in the big event here at the Adams Butzel Complex on the city's east side.

For them, it isn't necessarily about winning a medal - although that certainly feels good. It'ss is all about staying active and having fun.

This is the 35th year for the Detroit Senior Olympics. In fact, it has gained such a reputation that many of the participants make it a point to come back year after year - and there really is something for every skill level.

It is a three-day competition filled with lots of physical activity, everything from track and field events, to a Frisbee toss to basketball free throws.

The seniors out here tell me age is just a number, and that events like this keep them looking and feeling young.

Just like the real Olympics there will be gold, silver and bronze medals handed out to the top finishers.

That won't happen though until July at a special banquet so that there is time to tabulate the results, and so the seniors loved ones and friends can be part of the celebration.