Detroit King forfeits PSL championship game after brawl with Cody High

King High School was due to play in the Detroit Public School League Division 1 championship game this Friday at Ford Field after beating Cody High School. Instead, the team has already lost via forfeit to Cass Tech because of the team's involvement in a brawl last Friday.

King (8-1) beat Cody in the semifinal game on Friday. However, the two teams were involved in a fight during the game that resulted in Cody's entire football team being suspended for the rest of the season and the coaching staff was placed on an indefinite suspension.

As for King, their scheduled matchup against Cass Tech on Friday was forfeited. They can, however, resume play in the state playoffs.

The division 2 game between unbeaten DCP-Northwestern (7-0 PSL, 8-0 overall) and Central (6-1 PSL, 6-2 overall) will now be played at 6:00 p.m. at Ford Field. It was originaly scheduled for 4:00 p.m. but changed due to the forfeit.

Branden Hunter, a reporter for Michigan Preps, tweeted that he was at the game and said the incident happened at the end of the game. In his tweets, he said King didn't want to shake hands after winning 20-2 but Cody "antagonized"  King.

He then said that it was the Cody coaches' fault and they could have stopped the brawl.