Detroit listed as a city to "Never visit alone"

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Would you categorize Detroit as being one of the most deadly cities in the country? What about the entire world?

The Active Times just named the city as the second of five you should (and we're quoting, here) "never visit alone" based on the city's crime rate.

The list was built in response to a similar list about the most incredible trips for solo travelers and it comes with this warning (emphasis ours):

If you dare to travel to these cities, make sure you are with someone else. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes looking out. This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown.

As The Active Times explores the most dangerous cities to travel alone, it listed Mexico City as being number one based on kidnapping, robberies and assaults. In fact, it went so far as stating that the "U.S. Department of State issued a warning about traveling to certain places in Mexico due to threats and safety."

Number two on the list? Detroit.

The Active Times writes "Although Detroit is trying to make a comeback; it is still considered one of the most dangerous cities. Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets."

From there, they cited stats from one precinct in Detroit where homicides went from 52 in 2012, 43 in 2013, 44 in 2014, and 46 in 2015. There are 12 precincts in Detroit and homicides were all from the 9th precinct.

Then the list moved on. Also on the list are Lima, Peru, and New Delhi, India, with Memphis, Tennessee rounding out the five cities.

For the record, Detroit was named more dangerous than Caracas, Venezuela and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Caracas has the highest murder rate in the world last year, yet Detroit is more dangerous, according to the article. In San Pedro Sula, the journal cites arms trafficking and a crime rate of 111 per 100,000.

It didn't even list Detroit's crime rate.

Other American cities include Birmingham, Alabama, St. Louis, and Oakland, California.

Look, we all know Detroit's has its problems, but is it really that dangerous to travel alone in Detroit?

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