Detroit man accused of killing 5-year-old's father before kidnapping, holding girl captive

Dangelo Cash Clemons

A Detroit man accused of kidnapping and holding a 5-year-old girl captive in June is now facing charges in connection with the murder of her father and another man.

Dangelo Cash Clemons, 30, is accused of kidnapping Maggie Millsap and holding her captive for days. 

The child yelled for help from the window of a duplex on June 30, saying a monster was coming. Her neighbor and babysitter Raynell Jones called 911 after hearing the girl.

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Clemons was charged last month with kidnapping and child enticement.

Maggie lived with her father, 43-year-old Colby Millsap, on the right side of the duplex in the 12100 block of Schaefer. Clemons lived on the left side of the duplex.

Police said that while trying to contact Colby Millsap at his home, they found him and another man, Larry Brown, 23, dead. They were both shot in the head, police said.

Clemons is accused of killing the men before kidnapping Maggie Millsap.

He is now also charged with felony murder, first-degree murder, and two counts of Felony Firearm.