Detroit man accused of stealing brand new Bentley from Southfield business

Robert Walton

A Detroit man allegedly stole a brand new Bentley from a Southfield rental business Monday.

Robert Walton, 24, is accused of stealing the $200,000 car from Dream Luxury Car.

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The car's owner, Sam Zahr, said someone came in and told him he wanted to buy the car, but it wasn't for sale so he turned him away. The man, Walton, allegedly came back later and stole the key from inside the business.

A $200,000 Bentley was stolen from a Southfield car rental shop. But it was recovered just a day later.

Zahr posted a video of the theft and got a tip that the car was at a Southfield apartment complex. He went to the complex, where he found his car.

Police responded and caught Walton. Police say he had the key to the Bentley in his pocket.

Walton was given a $500 cash or surety bond. He is due back in court April 14.