Detroit man charged with armed robbery, resisting and obstructing police

A man has been charged for his connection to an armed robbery and resisting and obstructing Detroit Police. 

Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy, presented 34-year-old Nathan Lee Taylor with the charges Monday morning. 

On Nov. 20. right before 10:00 p.m., while traveling near West Chicago and Schaefer Road near the parking lot of a liquor store, Police noticed Taylor pointing a gun at a 45-year-old man. Police then pulled over to investigate and it appeared that Taylor was robbing the man. 

As police got out of their cars, it was reported that Taylor then pointed that same gun at them. While fearing for his life, and the other three officers who were present, one officer fired a shot - and Taylor was struck one time. Taylor tried to run, but eventually collapsed in front of the liquor store. He was taken to the hospital, treated, then released into police custody. 

He is now facing the following charges: Possession of a Firearm by a Felon; two counts of Possession of Ammunition by a Felon; Carrying a Concealed Weapon; Carrying a Dangerous Weapon with Unlawful Intent; four counts of Felonious Assault; three counts of Assaulting and Resisting and Obstructing the Police; and 11 counts of Felony Firearm.