Detroit man imprisoned in China hopes for a new chance at freedom

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It's been almost two years since Wendell Brown was arrested and put in a China jail after he says he was defending himself in an attack in China. But he has a chance at freedom if the Chinese courts are willing to give to him.

Brown maintains he's innocent after he says he was defending himself in an attack while visiting China.

He has been in jail for two years.  Now the Chinese courts have another chance to free him or leave him in jail.

Wendell brown has been sitting in a jail in China for almost two years.  It all stems from an altercation that happened in 2016. Brown, a star football player from Detroit who played football at Ball State, went to China to coach and teach American football to children.

Then something happened that changed his life - an incident that Antoinette says proves he's innocent.  

"Video footage is everywhere in China," said his mother Antoinette Brown. "So during the trial they presented a video showing that my son was actually the one being attacked and was not the aggressor that he did not harm anyone. 

"Clearly the guy fabricated the story for financial gain."

Wendell's mother Antoinette has been on a campaign to bring her son home.  He's still in jail.  The Chinese court system has delayed a verdict not once but twice. 

They won't make a decision about his guilt or innocence.  So an American sit behind bars-at the mercy of the Chinese court system delaying the process. 

"I think (they) would be losing face to say they held an innocent man for this long," Antoinette Brown said. "But what I think they should think more about, is his humanity instead of losing face."

Antoinette now hoping an upcoming court date will change that. It's just weeks away. She is teaming up with those with connections to China including Dan Redford. A native Michigan businessman who lived in China for seven years and just returned.  

"I've utilized some of the contacts that I have in the government, business, public relations and media to try to draw some attention to this and seek some help from the bigger powers out there," Redford said.

That type of help has already gotten the attention of the governor's office.  So There's still hope - a lot of it - that this football player and coach can tackle the biggest hurdle yet.  

"I am praying daily, I'm putting in work along with Dan and a lot of other supporters," his mother said. "We have several friends in China who are working hard for him that love him."

He ends this letter wishing what his own mother wishes for her son.  He closes the letter to his son, writing, "Peace, positivity, prosperity, love and light."