Detroit man with history of larceny caught stealing leaf blowers in Sterling Heights

Brent Glass, 48 of Detroit. 

Two freshly-stolen backpack leaf blowers, burglary tools, and potentially more items wrongfully taken were found in the vehicle of a Detroit man stopped in Warren.

Just hours earlier, Brent Glass, 48, was spotted by Warren police parking next to a landscaping company in Sterling Heights and stealing the leaf blowers. He now faces charges of stealing property, possessing burglary tools, driving on a suspended license, as well as counts tied to a previous theft of a separate landscaping company earlier in April.

Dubbed a career criminal by Warren police, they announced Glass' capture and court appearance in a Monday news release.

Glass first came onto Warren police's radar when a report came in about a suspect victimizing local landscape companies. That includes a report filed in early April about an individual stealing several pieces of motorized lawn equipment.

The suspect pickup truck had parked next to the company's work trailer before the theft happened. 

Investigating officers managed to identify the suspect and on April 25 spotted his truck in the area of 14 Mile, near another landscaping company where employees were cutting grass. While conducting surveillance, police observed the suspect get out of his truck and steal the two backpack blowers before fleeing.

Glass was arrested soon after.

He was arraigned in the 37th District Court and entered a not guilty plea. His previous larceny and theft offenses that were on his record meant Glass was charged as a habitual 4th offender. 


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