Detroit man worried after three kids and their mother are reported missing

Abdull Jabbar Muhsen said he had a strange feeling that he shouldn't leave for work Sunday night.

"They cry when I leave but yesterday they held on to me. They would not let go," Muhsen said. "They were like 'baba please don't go, don't go.' I said 'I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta pay my bills.'"

He said his three kids Zaiden, Jihad and Omar were being watched by their mother, Anita Bryant. 

"I called her to watch the kids for me and I was going to pay her to watch the kids like I always do."

Sometime between his shift of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. his kids and their mother had left.

"No message, no letters, no nothing," he said. "We tried calling her to see what's going on. She is not answering."

He said she doesn't drive, let alone have a car. But according to Muhsen, she does have cash.

"I'm desperate," he said. "She stole my savings I had in my safe. I had over $2000 in savings."

There wasn't anything missing from the house, save for one blanket. His son's blankets

Muhsen has filed a report with the Detroit Police, and that wasn't even the first police report that he filed that day. 

"This morning I caught someone breaking into my vehicle and he destroyed my ignition switch where I couldn't even start my car this morning."

While Muhsen admits it could just be a coincidence, he's having a hard time shrugging off the nagging feeling that there could be a connection. 

"What did I do wrong? Why would you do this to me?  I have a right to my kids. And who is she? She is not the judge to just take my kids. What's my crime? Tell me what I did wrong?"

Muhsen said the kid's mother does have family in North Carolina, but he's not sure where else they could have gone. Police have little to go on at the moment.