Detroit mass shooting: Psych exam ordered for suspect who fired into crowd, killing two after parking issue

On Friday, Winston Kirtly, Jr. was supposed to be in court for a routine appearance on the 20 charges he's facing after police said he fired into a crowd of people at a party from the second floor of his home, killing two people. But it was anything but routine.

Kirtly was supposed to appear for a probable cause conference but, when it came time for him to appear, he refused to put clothes on. Now he's been ordered to undergo a mental competency exam.

According to police, Kirtly was angry about a parking issue with his neighbors across the street on July 31. Police Chief James White said the neighbors were having a party and, around 1:30 a.m., Kirtly was mad that one of the cars had blocked the driveway.

The shooting killed Andre Willis Jr. and Toyake Thirkield. Willis was a father of two, and Thirkield leaves behind three children and a husband.

During his first court appearance shortly after his arrest, he was ordered held without bond after the judge ruled he was a danger to the community.

Police arrested him inside his home and reported 11 weapons strategically placed throughout the house. 

Neighbors said he lived alone and often appeared angry and agitated. On Friday, his attorney weighed in on his client’s mental state

"The first time I visited him, he was not very responsive at all. Yesterday, I went to see him again and found him on the psychiatric floor (and) found him to be in a very confused state of mind as well as very aggressive," his attorney said.

As a result of the latest developments, Kirtly was ordered a mental competency exam and is due back in court in late November.

Winston Kirtly, Jr. was charged with two counts of murder, six counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of discharge at a building, and 10 counts of felony firearm.