Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan names James White as interim police chief after Craig retires

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and members of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners named James White as the police department's interim chief Monday.

White will fill the role until a permanent replacement is selected. While the interim chief is in charge, the board of police commissioners will search to identify a list of candidates for Duggan to make a final selection. That must then be confirmed by the Detroit City Council.

White is a former assistant police chief in Detroit and is currently the director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. He left DPD last summer for that role.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy released a statement about White's selection:

Police Chief James Craig announced his retirement a week ago, on Monday, May 10, and said he would retire from the department effective June 1. 

News of Craig's retirement leaked Friday night when sources told FOX 2 first that Craig would retire with eyes on a state-wide office, reportedly governor, according to FOX 2 sources.

Craig did not confirm his intentions to run for office but did say he's considered it and was not being forced out of the role. 

Craig has been the police chief since 2013 when he was appointed to the position by the role by then Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr.