Detroit MLK Jr. HS students going to debate with eyes on the issues

The eyes of the nation will be on Detroit for tonight's Democratic Debate - including a group of students from Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

It is a rare opportunity for three students to attend both of the debates.
"I want to see who is going to help our community, the city of Detroit," said Kendall Puckett, a pre-med freshman at MSU.

"We know that African-Americans are in an uproar because of Donald Trump," said Ridgeley Hudson, Jr.

Nadia Lawrence is 17 and a senior at the high school. She wants to focus on business or the performing arts -- and is not committed to any candidate.  

"What the president can do is talk about skilled trades in to basically stay but we need it why is it important to the community."

"I want to know what these candidates are going to do for the inner cities across the United States," Puckett said.

Puckett is committed to Bernie Sanders.

"It's not like everyone is going to go to college for free, just the people making under hundred $200,000 a year," she said.

FOX 2: "Do you think that the candidates to talk about free education and just have the rich people pay for it, will it hurt the Democratic Party? I don't think so."

Ridgeley Hudson Jr. is a 17-year-old senior at Martin Luther King Jr. High School, wants to study law and is committed to Joe Biden.

"Not because he was the vice president under Barack Obama, but because he has a plan and he is showing us how to fund his plan," he said.

And despite some political differences, all three are authors of the book "Spoken truth from the youth." A book about financial literacy for urban teens inspired by classes at Martin Luther King Jr. high school.  

"We wrote this book to teach others about the valuable skills of financial literacy," Puckett said. "The government should read it too. Because as much as they spend, they do not take accountability for it."

FOX will talk to the young voters after the debates to see if their minds were changed.