Detroit mom killed in front of 4-year-old daughter, 14-year-old son

Police are still searching for the suspect who killed a Detroit mother in her own home while her 14-year-old heard it all happen and found her body.

Latrese Morris Dorsey had just recently moved into her home in the 20000 block of Avon Ave a couple of months ago with her children. She was getting out of a relationship and moving on, but the family says that ex wasn't ready to let her go.

"I hate that he had that power to take that life from us, from her kids, from her father on Father's Day," her sister, Megan Morris said.

Megan is still in shock after learning the 42-year-old mother of three was gunned down in her own home. Dorsey was physical therapist and Megan describes her as a beautiful person. She says that her ex-boyfriend, Earl Maxwell, is responsible for the Father's Day murder.

She said that her father, James Morris, is heartbroken.

"His daughters are all he has. For him to get this call on Father's Day - the one day where he's supposed to be celebrating with his girls - he gets a call saying this coward ripped his life from him," she said.

James, 72, said that the man who pulled the trigger may as well have hit him, too.

"I had three daughters - I had three beautiful daughters - and he put a hole in my heart," he said.

Two of her three children were home when the shooting happened, including 4-year-old Jada who was sitting in the same room.

"She was sitting in the same room. She was old enough to tell everyone my 'mom is dead, he killed my mom, my mom is shot'," Megan said.

The other child in the house was 14-year-old Justin. He was in his room and heard arguing and then gunshots. When he ran to find his mom, she was almost gone.

"She took her last breaths in my nephew's arms," Megan said.

Police told Megan that Latrese was shot five times.

The search is now on for Maxwell, who police are calling a person of interest. Maxwell is a black male, 38, 5'8", heavy build, bald, has a beard, his teeth are stained yellow, and he frequently wears sunglasses. He also has a tattoo of "Latrese" written on his left arm.

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"If you see this guy, don't approach him. Dial 911. Call the police, let them take care of it," James Morris said.

The family says they're very concerned he's armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on Earl Maxwell is urged call Detroit Police.