Detroit mom: landlord's solution to flooded basement was to buy a table

A Detroit mother said the home she rented is full of mold and water in the basement. She says the landlord refuses to help.

Krista Fudge rents the home on Ohio Street in Detroit and says, ever since May, she's had to deal with water flowing into her basement through holes in the wall. But when she called the landlord, he was far from helpful

"He told me it was a city problem, never came and looked, never checked or anything," she said.

The problem got worse as the summer dragged on and, by September, more water was coming in and it got worse.

"My sewer backed up so it wasn't going anywhere. so now I have sewer water and rain water," Fudge said. "I had a basement full of nasty water for three days."

She said her landlord sent someone out to drain the water, but not to fix the problem.

"It's like he doesn't care. When I first told him that I had water on my floor and it was ruining my clothes back in May, he told me to buy a table so my clothes don't get wet," she said.

FOX 2 contacted City Bricks Property Management, the property manager of the building, and insists the flooding is due to the drainage back up. The company added that they're not responsible for personal property. 

Fudge, a single mom with a 2-year-old son, plans to be out by the end of October but all of her clothes, her son's clothes, toys and furniture, are all ruined.

"My washing machine and dryer are ruined because they were floating in water," Fudge said.

The property manager promises to contact the owners and Fudge to fix the problem. Fudge is simply hoping for some help and says she plans to sue.

"I'm gonna see him in court," Fudge said.