Detroit mom of 3 loses everything after home is firebombed

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A mother and her three children narrowly escape after an arsonist targets their home.

Doretha Randle's three girls, ages 14, 12, and 9 are all straight-A students and have been here before: homeless and burned out of their home. Now, for the third time.

The latest incident happened on Laing Street Tuesday night while the family was out.

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"My birthday was yesterday," Randle said. "I turned 33 years old and we went to celebrate."

When she returned home the fire was out and this mother of three went into shock.

"When I got there yesterday I just remember waking up in the hospital this morning," she said.

She was in shock because it was happening again.

"Keep pushing and then get knocked back down," Randle said. "It's impossible."

In 2014 a window in her home was broken and a fire was started.

"We came home to a burnt down house with nothing."

Years later, they saved enough to move to Laing Street. On Easter they suffered a second fire.

"It didn't get a chance to burn all the way through because my mom was there and put it out," she said.

Now this.

"(They) took my garage can from the back, propped it up and went through the side with the air conditioner," Randle said.

She has her theories as to who could be starting the fires.

"(They) sit back and watch me build it up just to tear it down," she said.

But she lacks the proof at this time. So until she can find that, this mom will do what she always does - keep moving.

FOX 2 spoke with police who are investigating this as an arson but without concrete evidence or a witness placing someone at the scene they have little to go on at this time. They are hoping anyone with information can come forward. The problem is the houses right next door are both vacant.