Detroit mom says DPS school doesn't have a math teacher

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"This is out of her mouth: ‘Mom I haven't learned anything all year.’"

A mother of a Detroit Public Schools 10th grader is upset. She says her daughter doesn’t have a math teacher at Randolph Tech High School.

"How are you enrolling students who have math on their schedule, but there is no math teacher? It says Algebra on there, but there’s no Algebra teacher. It’s a free period.”

L’Tish Robinson says her daughter is new to Randolph Tech, transferring from another DPS school in an attempt to get her grades up.

"When I enrolled my daughter and I told them she was coming from Cass Tech, you should have told me there was no math teacher then."

She says she took her concerns to the principal.

"Her words were, ‘A lot of DPS schools are closing so hopefully we will get the downpour of those teachers in our school.’ So we are waiting for other DPS schools to close to get a math teacher for Randolph."

After numerous phone calls and emails to the Communications Department - which were placed starting Thursday morning - Fox 2 is still waiting for the district to respond to the mother's claims.

The mother says she plans to pull her daughter from the school.

"The students that actually want to get a good education, want to go to college, want to better themselves - they need math to do so. So if you are not telling us as parents we don't have a math teacher there is a problem with that."

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