Detroit mom tracks creeper who followed her children

After a strange man followed her children around her neighborhood, one angry mother followed him herself -- and reported him to the cops.

Marinna Thompson says her 17 and 12-year-old daughters were followed by a suspicious man on Greenlawn near McNichols.

"He was an older gentleman, in his mid-60s maybe. Never seen him before around the neighborhood," she said.

The girls didn't know for sure they were being followed so they did something smart -- they stopped and pretended to tie their shoes. That car stopped right along with them. 

"They kept walking. He then sped up, because they were fast pacing, once he sped up, he was telling them to come here," she said. 

The girls were taught never to stop for strangers, so they raced home. The gray Ford Fusion he was driving stayed parked outside of their house.

When Marinna found out what happened to her girls she went after him.

"I will file with the police. I've already got your license plate," she can be heard saying in the video.

It's doubtful that law enforcement would recommend doing this, but Marinna was able to get his plates and file a police report.

"He just kept telling me, well you can call the police. I didn't do anything wrong. There's nothing wrong with speaking to the kids. I said there is something wrong with speaking to the kids when you don't know them," she said.

She's warning other parents on the city's west side to keep a close eye on their kids.