Detroit mother dies from COVID-19 days after giving birth

A Detroit mother lost her battle with COVID-19 shortly after giving birth. The 33-year-old woman passed away before she could even hold her newborn son.

"They lost the most precious thing they could ever have," said Miguel Avilez.

Days after Erika Beccera gave birth to baby Diego, she died from COVID-19. Doctors at Henry Ford Hospital induced labor as the virus took over. 

"She was able to hold him and talk to him a little bit and she wasn't getting any better so they put her on the ventilator," said Avilez, her brother. 

He says no one knows what Erika whispered in her new baby's ear before he was taken away. He never got Covid, but Beccera got worse - she knew it wasn't good. 

"You could just see her teary, she was tearing up until the very last moments of her life," Avilez said. 

Her family made the tough decision to take her off of the ventilator and say goodbye on December 3rd. 
"After we decided to ease her off the medicine you could see the difference in her face, you could see her relax, you could tell she was in pain," he said.

Days after Erika Beccera gave birth to baby Diego, she died from COVID-19.

Miguel says his sister didn't have any pre-existing conditions. She leaves behind a husband - now a single father raising a 1-year-old named Erika and a newborn. 

"He's strong than I thought he was going to be, but sooner or later he's going to come to reality with what's going on," Avilez said. "Her happiness was to see everyone else happy."

These children wrapped in love with the harsh reality they won't know their mom. 

"A lot of people say this pandemic is a hoax but until it happens to them or their family, they will know what pain really is," Avilez said.

There is a lot of support around this family but if you would like to contribute to their GoFundMe page, GO HERE.

"They lost the most percious thing they could have," said Miguel Avilez, Erika's brother.