Detroit neighborhood takes action against suburban dumpers

One neighborhood in Detroit is fed up with dumpers, so much so in fact that they called Fox 2 for help.

"They brought their trash in the middle of the night and just dumped it." Fed up. Fuming. Frustrated was Farley Cunningham and he's sick of the constant garbage heaps magically reappearing in his neighborhood and says it's frustrating because you clean it up and before you know it, it's right back out there.

Many piles of trash litter the street. The trash ranges from rotting materials to old housing stuff and everything in between.

The trash this time was abandoned on Winchester near Exeter on Detroit's east side.

Cunningham says he tried contacting the city after noticing an address on some of the trash that was dumped in his neighborhood, an address in Royal Oak.

"Some of the suburbs are just using Detroit as a big garbage dump," says Cunningham.

Fox 2's Erika Erickson later talked to the owner of the Royal Oak home that says yes, he is doing renovations to his home but doesn't know how the garbage ended up all the way in Detroit.

He says he found a company on Craigslist and, the owner there says he would never illegally dump. But, later discovering it was an independent contractor he hired to get rid of the trash.

The owner says he's making that driver go clean up the mess.
Hours after contacting the owner, residents in the area reported that trash has been cleaned up. 

Cunningham says that the block will continue to try and rid itself of people dumping trash in their neighborhood. The block is having a block cleanup and backpack giveaway September 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Liberated Farms, 446 W. Winchester, Detroit.