Detroit nurse loses home in devastating fire

Emmanuel Acuff has been on the frontlines of COVID-19 for the past two years. After an exhausting 24 months, he's now literally picking up the pieces and trying to find where he's going to buy his next pair of scrubs.

Acuff was out of town a little more than a week ago when he got a call about a fire at his apartment in Detroit.

He lived at an apartment on Carmel Street near Woodward along with three other units. All were destroyed in the fire.

Inside the inferno were Acuff's dog which were able to escape. However, Acuff lost everything else - including the new furniture that he said he had just gotten. He doesn't even have a pair of scrubs to wear to work.

A friend of Acuff's set up a GoFundMe to help him pick up the pieces. If you want to help, check out the GoFundMe page here.