Detroit officer dragged by Ford Mustang during street drifting incident

An officer was injured and a suspect driver is missing after Detroit police responded to reports of potential street racing in the downtown area Monday.

The suspect's charges were severely escalated from drifting-related to offenses to attempted murder, police said following the clash.

A Ford Mustang dragged a police officer into a fence line, prompting another deputy to fire on the vehicle over concerns of safety early Monday around 3:30 a.m.

The officer is expected to make a full recovery.

"You have someone who is now starting to do the drifting thing and now he's escalated his charges once we get him in custody," said Detroit Asst. Chief Charles Fitzgerald. "Once we get a type on them, he's going to escalate his charge to assault with intent to commit murder."

The scene unfolded on Bagley Street west of the downtown area near Vermont when police investigating reports of street racing came upon a scene confirming their suspicions. 

According to police, when officers approached the suspect vehicle, the driver put the Mustang in reverse, dragging the deputy with them. Several shots were fired from the officer's partner.

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The suspect fled the scene after making contact with the officer. 

It was found five miles from the scene, but with no one in it. Both the suspect driver and a passenger that was believed to be in the vehicle are missing.