Detroit party store firebombing caught on video

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A Detroit party store was the target of a firebombing Friday morning.

It is the same place a woman was left bloodied in a confrontation with an employee days ago. The owner agreed to pay medical bills and fired the clerk. But now the store has gone up in smoke.

On video a masked man with a limp crosses the street with what appears to be a gas can in hand.  He walked straight into the Chalmers Liquor Plus. Once inside he appears to light the broom on fire toss it away and run from store.

It is just the latest chaos in a string of incidents that have this liquor store as the setting. It started earlier this week when a woman claims she was attacked with a beer bottle by a clerk.
News and video of the attack made its rounds quickly.

"The footage was horrible when you see somebody crying and you see them injured," said Minister Troy Muhammad. "You don't want that to happen. But at the same time you have to investigate what happened before you just dive in."

Those working at the store who supplied video says the woman attacked was attempting to steal a bottle of beer, when she was confronted and attacked.

Soon after the assault, calls on social media for a protest outside the store The apparent firebombing caught on camera would follow.

Community leaders like Muhammad said unfortunately, this is a path this city has gone down before with the riots of 1967.

"The city has to has to get to a point to where we address the police issues the community," Muhammad said. "Because if they don't, we can return to the sixties which this incident shows."