Detroit police: 11-year-old shoots, kills 3-year-old

A 3-year-old has been fatally shot on Detroit's east side near the intersection of Kelly Road and Eastwood Avenue.

A senseless tragedy, and what police have gathered so far is, this was all an accident, that started when one of these kids somehow found a gun.

Police responded to a call by the victim's mother Monday afternoon. According to Detroit Police Assistant Chief Lashinda Stair, it happened behind her house on Eastwood Street. 

"There was a three-year-old and an 11-year-old inside a vehicle in the rear of the family home. At some point, and we're not exactly clear on what happened now, but a three-year-old was shot in the area of the head," Stair said.

Just moments before, Barbara WIllis said she saw the three year old playing in the front yard with friends.

"We were coming out the house and I heard some screaming, and I ran over there," Willis said she went to help the boy but was too late. "I was just trying to keep the kids calm and hug them and stop them from crying.

The shooting took place in a van parked behind the house. Police are now trying to determine where the gun came from, and what lead this.

As for the 11 year old boy involved, police are asking him where the gun came from and whit it went off.