Detroit police arrest teen amid quadruple shooting investigation

A 16-year-old was taken into custody as Detroit police continue investigating a quadruple shooting that happened in a local park last week.

Two children and two 18-year-old women were injured after gunfire broke out when an argument escalated into something more violent late night on April 30.

Chief James White said in the late afternoon on May 6 that a juvenile had been detained while another person-of-interest was on police's radar as they continue investigating the shooting.

The two children injured in the shooting, ages 3 and 6, are expected to make a full recovery. The two adult women who were injured, including one who is pregnant, remain in critical condition.

White declined to go into detail about the suspect's connection to the victims, confirming only that he was the suspect shooter. Police previously said one of the women in the original altercation had called someone who later showed up with a firearm.

"I wanted the community to know that no one else is at risk. When you get a quadruple shooting, you get a lot of calls with people saying 'what's going on with the arrest, is anyone in custody?'" White said. "Those are valid questions. We will certainly provide as much as we can once the prosecutor chimes in."

The shooting happened at Stein Park between Joy Road and W. Chicago on the city's west side. 


Pregnant woman still in serious condition amid quadruple shooting probe in Detroit

The blast of violence unnerved neighbors who heard the gunfire. One resident ran over to the park to help one of the victims.