Detroit police bust suspects holding stolen dogs for ransom

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Two valuable pit bull puppies are stolen while their kidnappers demanded a massive ransom - but they were foiled by some clever members of the Detroit Police Department.

The owner of two pit bull pups were willing to pay up to $500 to get his stolen dogs back. Apparently the alleged thieves were willing to take advantage of that.

"The guys that had stolen their dogs was on the phone saying they wanted $2,000 for dogs," said Officer Terry Wilcox, Detroit police.

According to police, the two alleged thieves are 19- and 42-year-old suspects are neighbors of the victim. They saw this flyer and called the number saying "We have the dogs, we just want the money."  

The victim took this information to police, who saw an opportunity to not only help him but catch the bad guys as well.

"We set up a plan," said Det. Joielle Cobb-Sanders, DPD. "(And) the street that they wanted us to meet them on."

"I would say within 45 minutes we were on the road and rolling," Wilcox said. 

The police were rolling to Eight Mile near I-75 for the rendezvous point.

"Sure enough, they showed up," said Sanders.

As long as the thieves brought the dogs, the owner said he had the money but he also brought Detroit police back-up.

"He went down and identified the dogs, gave me the thumbs up," Sanders said.

With that signal, special ops sprang into action.

"We watched the perp walk up with the animals, move in and take him down," said Officer John Siejutt, Detroit police.

Police say the two neighbors confessed to the crime and were arrested - and the stolen dogs were back home.

"Just the look on his face was priceless," Sanders said. "He was so happy. The dogs were happy they were jumping on him."

The officers involved say it's all in day’s work and the victim's in this case did the right thing by contacting the police.

"We are here to apprehend those people who commit crimes and that's what he did," said Wilcox.