Detroit Police bust two suspected chop shops on city's west side

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A tow truck is loaded with stolen cars after Detroit Police raid a chop shop ring. 

A pair of chop shop raids in Detroit net six arrests. Police say one of the suspects is responsible for stealing the Papa John's car during the Dream Cruise in August. The other suspects may be responsible for other car thefts in the area, including Dearborn.

"Three adults, three juveniles, and we're still looking for an outstanding person," said Sgt. Jonathan Parnell of the Detroit Police Department's H.E.A.T auto theft task force.

Sgt. Parnell says one of the suspects stole Papa John's Camaro from the Woodward Dream Cruise. They identified him after lifting prints from the car. That - along with tips from the public, lead them to a house on the 8000 block of Whitcomb St. and another house on Cheyenne off of Chicago in Detroit.

"Just from the looks of things, preliminarily it appears to be quite a few thefts. We've also obtained video evidence from other thefts, where the people in vehicles that we're looking for have been part of those thefts," said Sgt. Parnell.

Police also believe the suspects may have stolen a 1966 Corvette and a 1966 Chevelle from the Dream Cruise - and that's not all.

"We think this is not just something dealing with the Dream Cruise, but something that Dearborn has been experiencing as well, with thefts within the Ford lot and all of their surrounding facilities within Dearborn," said Sgt. Parnell.

Police also found several car parts. They aren't sure just how many vehicles the group may have stolen, but if what they found is any indication - it could be a lot.