Detroit police identify possible 4th victim of serial killer suspect

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Detroit police have now identified a fourth victim in connection to suspected serial killer and rapist, DeAngelo Martin.

Sources tell FOX 2 that Martin could be linked to another woman's death.

Those close to the family of Annetta Nelson say investigators believe Martin may have killed the 57-year-old last year.

Nelson's body was discovered partially clothed in an abandoned home on Winthrop near Plymouth back in February of 2018.

Rudolph Henderson, 43, was charged with her murder but Wayne County prosecutors dropped the charges. The investigation remained open since then, but the trail for Nelson's killer went cold. 

"It wasn't until the murder today that we were convinced that we believe we have the makings of serial killer rapist," DPD Chief James Craig said.

It may have started heating up in early June when police announced that the deaths of three women: Tamara Jones, Trevesene Ellis and Nancy Harrison, were likely the work of a serial killer - later identified as DeAngelo Martin.

They, like Nelson, were discovered in abandoned houses and were found either partially clothed or naked.

"I'm sorry for what he did to my aunt and the other women," said Tina Taylor, niece of Tamara Jones. "Only God knows how many more that are going to come to light."


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Detroit police would not confirm if they consider Martin a suspect in Annetta Nelson's death, but sources tell FOX 2 that investigators are in contact with her family.

DeAngelo Martin has not been charged in her murder or in the deaths of the other two victims Trevesene Ellis or Tamara Jones.

Even so, he is behind bars and is being held without bond charged in the stabbing and rape of another woman.