Detroit police involved in crash after running stop sign without lights, siren

Detroit police caused a crash on March 22, 2021 when they ran a stop sign without lights and sirens activated.

A Detroit police cruiser was involved in a crash Monday when the officers ran a stop sign while driving to another crash scene.

According to police, the officers had not yet activated their lights or siren when they went through the intersection at Trojan and Burt on the city's west side at 7:20 p.m.

Police said the officers were driving north on Burt and collided with an SUV traveling east on Trojan.

Two females who were in the SUV and the officer who was driving the cruiser were transported to a hospital. They are all listed as stable. The passenger in the police cruiser was not injured.

An SUV hit a Detroit police cruiser when the officers disregarded a stop sign on March 22, 2021.