Detroit police officer on camera attacking man, faces judge

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You've probably seen the video - a Detroit police officer throws a man to the ground at a gas station and beating him.

That officer, Richard Billingslea, is charged with assault and misconduct. The man who recorded the incident testified in court. 

D'Marco Craft, shot the video on May 31 of last year and now he's testifying against Detroit police officer, Billingslea, who is facing felony charges for assault and battery.  

Craft testified that earlier he and his friend, Michaelle Jackson had a few drinks at a party, then went to the gas station to buy cigarettes at the corner of Harper and Cadieux on the city's east side.  

He knew Officer Billingslea who he had prior contact with, for about a year. 

"Our theory is that there has been an ongoing pattern of harassment and so those things are relevant to our ability to establish his corrupt is used to establish his corrupt intent (and) misconduct in office," said Assistant Prosecutor Molly Kettler.

And then officer Billingslea met Jackson at the gas station. 

"I was instantly met with confrontation," said Craft. "By Officer Billingslea.

Pictures from that night show Officer Billingslea throwing Jackson to the ground.  
"One of the officers took my cell phone," Craft said.

And Craft was put in a police car. But it would be officer Billingslea that would end up facing any charges. It also seems that Billingslea was trying to justify throwing Jackson to the ground. 

The judge ordered attorneys to submit written causing arguments by Feb. 28th and the judge will make a decision whether there's enough evidence against officer Billingslea to have a trial.