Detroit police officers give single mom a boost with car seat

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It's a gift for an unlikely giver.

A booster car seat is emblematic of a hand up from Detroit police.

"Writing her a ticket wasn't going to do her any good," said Officer Aaron Earl.

He had stopped Euniquewa Barber for speeding and driving erratically on Grand River Wednesday. Her 3-year-old daughter Summer was not in a car seat or a booster.

"When I approached the car she was crying to me and she explained to me her circumstances," Earl said. "And what she was going through."

Barber, a single mom, has been overwhelmed lately. She's unemployed and has been having a hard time making ends meet.

"I understand that a lot of people out here are going through tough circumstances," Earl said. "So I felt that it would be a blessing for me to help in any way possible."

So Earl and his partner Darrel Partlow called their lieutenant, Akil Nassor and decided to buy a booster seat for Summer, paying for it out of their own pockets.

"When we actually took the booster seat in to the young lady, her daughter was like, 'this is mine, this is mine?' I'm like yes," said Partlow.

"I could show you the box but she kind of ripped it up and was ready to put it in the car," Barber said.

They also gave Barber a pamphlet with a detailed list of resources and organizations that provide food assistance, temporary housing, job opportunities and even help for domestic violence victims. It's called the Aftercare Program.

"Like my partner said, we're here to help," Earl said. "Locking people up, writing tickets, towing their cars, it's not going to always help. We understand, being from Detroit, that people have needs out here and it goes beyond enforcing laws and if I can help in any way, I will be glad to help."

"I'm overjoyed and thankful," Barber said. "My baby couldn't be happier either.

"I know you know they say police are out here not doing things right, so it made me feel good to know there is some out here doing the right thing."